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Hey you! You’re already self-starting and motivated; otherwise, you would not be spending time reading this link … I bet you are familiar with our products and services, and you already know that we are reliable, professional, and treat our customers right. Why don’t you join us and make some money yourself with Vartel’s Hosted Business Telephone solutions?

As a referring agent, you don’t need any initial investment. Promote our services to your future clients or business associates. We will ship the telephones directly to them. You will receive 20% commission on all our products and services.

As you know, to use Vartel’s services, all customers must purchase a subscription that renews every month. That means you will have an income for the whole duration of the service! If the customer is our customer for ten years or longer, then you have a monthly income for ten years or longer.

You don’t need to have an office, inventory, or employees. You will have the freedom to work from home or anywhere you want to be. Additionally, even if you don’t own a company, we invoice the customers directly and pay you the commissions.

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